Gorakhpur Railway Station- World Longest Railway Platform

World Longest Railway Platform- Gorakhpur Junction

The longest railway platform in the world is the Gorakhpur railway platform which is 4, 483 feet in length, in October 2013, it started running trains for the passenger, this platform passes 189 trains perday,  with a provide class A1 Facilities.

Name Gorakhpur junction
Location Gorakhpur, Uttar pradesh , India
Length 4483 feet
Passing trains 189 Daily
Listed in Longest platform Oct 2013
Platform gauge partition 3 partition
Open for travel 2009
Platform facilities Class A-1
Platforms 10
Passenger passing 365000 Daily


Situated in Uttar Pradesh, India, Gorakhpur junction has the longest platform on the world since October 2013. It handles more than 189 trains every day and serves ten nearby railroad stations. At first, the meter-check rail was separated into three; the 135-mile meter-measure Gonda circle, running among Gorakhpur and Gonda, Kaptanganj–Siwan meter-check line was opened in 1913 and the 25-mile (40 km) meter-check Nautanwa branch line was opened in 1925. These were then changed over to a solitary wide check since 1981 which would have made Gorakhpur to have three railroad stages.

India is known for having long stages. Truth be told, the 3 longest railroad stages on the planet are situated in India, and none is longer than the Uttar Pradesh stage.

With its length of 1366.33m, the Gorakhpur Railway station enables the longest railway to organize on wolrd .

The other 2 are Kollam Junction, Kerala, which is 1180.5 meters long, and the Kharagpur, West Bengal, which is 1072.5 meters long.

The railroad station fills in as the home office of the North Eastern Railway,facility Class A-1 railway station workplaces.


Up until 2013, the Kollam Junction was the longest railroad stage on the planet. Be that as it may, everything changed when on October 6, 2013, the new railroad stage was open. Gorakhpur railroad stage is a piece of the Gonda Loop, running among Gorakhpur and Gonda, which was developed by the Bengal and North Western Railway somewhere in the range of 1886 and 1905. This is a 135 mile long queue, and it is only one of the many intersection through the stage. Others incorporate the 79 mile Kaptangani-Siwan, which was opened in 1913, and the 25 mile Nautanwa branch line which was opened in 1925.


365000 passenger daily travelling from gorakhpur railway junction end 189 trains daily crossing on 26 railway track. One of the top 100 online booking stations in India, it has the highest online booking.

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