Larry Ellison Net worth

Source of wealth: co-founder and the executive chairman and chief technology officer of Oracle Corporation

Larry Ellison’s net worth is currently estimated to be $62.5 billion.  His net worth was estimated to be around $28 billion in the year 2010 but drastically increased in September 2011, when Forbes released a publication which placed him as the fifth richest man in the world, Larry Ellison’s net worth as published by Forbes was $36.5 billion. Things also turned in his favor in 2012, when he was listed as the third richest American with a net worth of $44 billion.

Various cool deals have fetched Larry huge money, citing an example of how he made $3.5 billion from the sale of NetSuite, a company he owns 35% of shares, which eventually got purchased by Oracle, another company he heads. Talking about heading a company, Larry’s leadership skills have been regarded as been “supreme” by various news outlets. Some even regard him as authoritative and dictatorial. Knowing how to be a leader has been pivotal for his growth.  According to Don Hellriegel and John Slocum, Ellison is known to always get the best of his employees through motivating them by giving out gold coins as bonuses

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