Carlos Slim- Net worth (2019)6,050 crores US$ 2019

Carlos Slim

Net worth (2019)6,050 crores US$ 2019

source of wealth : Grupo Carso or Grupo Sanborns SAB is a Mexican global conglomerate company owned by Carlos Slim.

Number of employees‎: ‎70.736 (2017)

Having received numerous years of business training from his father, Carlos began his career by starting his own brokerage. He would invest in small individual businesses, and by the year 1965, he had grown his business enough that he could incorporate other companies or even buy them out entirely.

Although he did invest his money in numerous different kinds of businesses, he mainly focused on mining, real estate, and construction and by 1966 he was estimated to be worth around $40 million.

He continued to invest his funds, and by 1980 he had unified his shares into a parent company called ‘Grupo Galas.’
In 1982 the prices of oil dropped immensely which caused the Mexican economy to suffer greatly.

This led to him expand his shares and investing in international companies, he soon had a 50% share in ‘The Hershey Company.’

In 1990 he continued to extend his control to the telephone communication companies in hopes of soon acquiring the Mexican phone company ‘Telmex’ from the government. After he obtained the company, he soon developed a US version of ‘Telmex,’ and he even purchased a stake in the US mobile company ‘Tracfone.’


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