Narendra Modi: prime minister of india



Narendra Modi was born in a family of Vadnagar, Mehsana district, Gujarat on September 17, 1950, political leader Narendra Modi assumed his post as Prime Minister of India in 2014.

Full name : Narendra amodardas Modi

Post: prime minister of India 14th (current)

Famous name in public : Modi

Date of birth: 17 September 1950

Nationality: Indian

Political career : 2001- 2014 Chief minister of Gujrat

Party : BJP

Narendra Modi: The prime minister of India!

Narendra Modi as an individual has consistently been an extraordinary motivation for the individuals of India. Moreover, his philosophies and convictions have been acknowledged ever since he was elected. Narendra Modi picked up prominence in India as well as in nations like the USA and Russia (one of the most powerful and driving countries in the whole world).

Narendra Modi’s hopeful nature and testing abilities have prompted an effect on our country. Additionally, his method for turning the public and communicating his ideas is makes him an phenomenal politician.

Narendra Modi has numerous fans not only in India but also in other countries as well. This is on the grounds that he goes to various nations consistently to talk about India’s budgetary and amicable relations with different countries.


Biography of Narendra Modi!

Narendra Modi was born on 17th September 1950.  His birthplace is Vadnagar, Mehsana area, Bombay State (present-day Gujarat). For your knowledge, Narendra Modi’s complete name is Narendra Damodardas Modi.

In addition, his dad’s name was Mool Chand Modi and his Mother is Hiraben. Narendra Modi consistently had a place with a white-collar class family. He engaged to Jasoda Ben Chaman Lal, when he was only 13 years old. Nonetheless, he married at the age of 17.


Moreover, Modi joined RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh). He worked in it for quite a long while. Additionally, during his administration, he assumed significant jobs in serving individuals. Narendra Nodi began buckling down since the beginning of his childhood. Besides, he has additionally spoken to as a genuine Hindu, as a result of which he is a good example for many of us.

Narendra Modi joined B.J.P. ( Bharatiya Janta Party) in the year 1987. From this time his vocation in the political world began. Following a year he happened to be the general secretary in Gujarat. Through his difficult work and ingenuity, he took the party to an achievement. After this, the party got incredible acknowledgment, across the whole of India.


Narendra Modi as the Most adored prime minister!

In the 2014 General Elections, Narendra Modi won clearly by the majority votes. He turned into the 15thPrime ministerof India.  Modi turned into the main leader after numerous years to get the entire greater part of votes.

Upon the arrival of 26th May 2014, he swore the vow as an executive. From that day onwards different changes in our constitution occurred. Modi is a man of vision; he had a fantasy of advanced India.

On account of which he began different battles to advance it. Besides, he needed a debasement free India and to suggest this he made a significant stride.

He requested demonetization in the whole nation.

Under it the present cash got invalid. So as to get the new money, individuals need to trade it from the old ones. This was just possible by saving all the cash in the individual bank accounts. This was a significant occasion throughout the entire existence of India.

Moreover, different battles for the wellbeing of ladies were also started. Battles like Anti-Romeo Squad were inculcated in real life to catch the eve-mysteries on the streets.

Likewise, a significant revision was made in the nation, the disciplines for a pedophile attacker was been proclaimed as hang till death. These were the means that made him an exceptional executive. As a result of which he was again chosen as an executive (Prime Minister) in the 2019 general decisions.



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